Meet a Milaan Teacher: Kanchan

The following is a opinion piece by Akshay Shetty of the Milaan School Leadership Team. In this Milaan Blog post, Akshay introduces us to one of the inspirational teachers who makes the school a brighter place daily and represents a Girl Icon in herself. For the past few months, I have been living in a part of the world (rural ... Read More »

Contextualizing the world for a rural school

The following is an opinion piece by Milaan School Leadership Team member: Akshay Shetty. It relates Akshay’s experiences working in the Milaan School and relating world issues to students from rural backgrounds. Temperatures in Sitapur have been nose diving into single digits steadily and our wonderful students are having a tough time riding their bicycles through the dense fog every morning. After the ... Read More »

Girls’ Day Out in Lucknow!

The following is written by Akshay Shetty, member of the Milaan School Leadership Team, on behalf of Milaan Be The Change, and reflects Akshay’s opinion and experience of an event that occurred on October 18th in Lucknow. The Gandhi Corner of the La Martiniere Girls’ College, one of Lucknow’s most prestigious institutions organizes ‘The Day of the Girl Child’ every October.  By organizing a number ... Read More »

#CelebrateGirls: Infrastructure Barriers to Education

As a part of the #CelebrateGirls campaign, Milaan is looking to examine and address barriers to education for adolescent girls. Leading up to our #CelebrateGirls Expert Consultation, we want to hear from you as we crowdsource ideas to address specific barriers to education.   Today we examine the barrier lack of infrastructure presents in educating girls. Milaan’s ‘Making Schools Menstrual Friendly’ ... Read More »

#CelebrateGirls: Financial Barriers to Education

This post was written by Milaan Co-Founder, Sharat Goswami, as an overview of the very prominent barrier to education for adolescent girls: Finances. Financial Barriers to Girls’ Education Of late, I have come across several remarks along the lines of ‘Now that education for 6-14 year olds is free, there is no financial reason for parents not to send their daughters to school.’ On ... Read More »

#CelebrateGirls Voices: Anita

Anita’s voice has been amplified through our partner in the #CelebrateGirls campaign, Bharat Calling, which encourages rural students who are being left behind due to financial, social, or cultural reasons on the path to higher education. The #CelebrateGirls campaign aims to highlight and amplify voices to collectively address barriers to education for adolescent girls.   In a family of seven siblings who ... Read More »

#CelebrateGirls Campaign!

The status of girls and women in India, especially those from vulnerable and marginalized communities, is in a dismal state. According to Dasra, it is estimated that for every 100 girls that enroll in school in rural India, 40 will reach grade four, 18 will reach grade eight, 9 will reach grade ten, and only 1 will make it to ... Read More »

The Process of Selecting Girl Icons

This past Wednesday, the Milaan office was bustling with activity. Having received nearly 2,000 applications from aspiring Girl Icons throughout Uttar Pradesh, the team was faced with the exciting challenge of selecting the most promising girl leaders to be awarded the Girl Icon Fellowship in October. To support the selection process, the team brought together a committee of representatives from ... Read More »

Celebrating Krishna Janmashtami with Milaan School Teachers at Amberpur

The following is an opinion piece by Milaan School Leadership Team Member, Akshay Shetty. His experience with the community that supports the Milaan School is recounted on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami.   A significant part of my role as a member of the Milaan School’s leadership team entails interactions with the local community, where our students come from. The cluster of ... Read More »

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